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about us

what is ECC's purpose?

  • to promote the philosophy and practice of inclusion in education
  • to build confidence and practical tools for practitioners
  • to offer safe environments for collaborative thinking and investigation
  • to encourage people to think differently about problem-solving and perspectives
  • to encourage proactive change in people and systems
  • to help celebrate diversity and difference
  • to help shape a new debate about education in the 21st century

who are we?

Director and principal consultant is Mark Vaughan, campaigner, writer and founder of the Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education in 1982. ECC aims to be at the forefront of educational reform and school change, and collaborates with a variety of specialists from an international network of Associates, who encompass a wide range of expertise in fields such as teacher-training, disability awareness and children's rights. ECC is interested in the appropriate application of the values and practices of play, free choice and student democracy in education.

In addition to a career in national journalism, Mark Vaughan is author and editor of a extensive range of books, articles and reports. He has spent more than thirty years developing inclusion as a catalyst for restructuring the mainstream sector in the UK and overseas, and has been awarded the OBE and an Honorary Doctorate for this work.

values of ECC

  • Promoting principles of social justice
  • Developing inclusion in education as a human right for all and as a powerful force for change
  • Supporting high quality learning for 100% of students while working to reduce the numbers who are failed by their experience of education
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